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ECU technology solution provider in India

About Wolf

We are proud to be the only ECU technology solution provider in India
to offer Switchable remaps and </Code level> programming.

WolfMoto ECU development program is backed with years of R&D in motorsports application and Innovation for
drivability and engine reliability. This has helped us develop some advanced tuning solutions, custom
calibration and performance packages that uniquely differentiate us from other tuning service providers. Our
strategic partnership with motorsports clients in UK, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and other parts of EU for
developing and providing custom motorsports functionalities helped us create a niche for our services in the
global marketplace.

ECU Maps

We also offer customized ECU maps as per the customer requirement and hardware upgrades for
our Stage 1+ and above remaps.


We offer Turbo upgrade and tune packages with High Flow intake systems, performance air
filters, performance camshafts, high flow injectors, performance fuel pumps, Race clutch, Intercooler
upgrades, Performance brake pads etc.

Motorsports Engine Builds

Motorsports Engine upgrades with upgraded con-rods and pistons, performance turbo upgrade,
performance crank and rod bearings, ceramic coating for high temp application etc.


Custom tuning solutions for fleet owners- economy map for achieving better fuel efficiency
and reduced emissions while also improving engine and turbocharger longevity.

Why we are Awesomes

Our Team


The Master mind & Hacker

Rajeev Chandran

Motorsport took him to do deep research on software coding, which soon became Wolfmoto’s signature in the industry . Over the last decade, Rajiv has developed ECU software and coding solutions for many motorsports clients in various countries in the European Union to build and tune high performance fuel injection systems. An expert in theory and operation of the internal combustion engine and a wizard in ECU programming and coding for various OEM engine management systems


Adarsh Suresh

Stress Testing Specialist


Sreekanth Komana

Systems Engineer


Joe King

Transformation Specialist


Saif Yousuf

Operations & Excitement


Neena AC

Growth Hacker & Creative Head

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We Are Here

We have dealers/ resellers at 10 locations in India. Presently we are expanding our operation
across India, Middle East and EU. You will soon find our service provider in a city near you!

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