Pioneers in ECU re-coding

Only Tuner in India with programming

Wolf Moto- Pioneers in ECU re-coding

Who are we?

It started when a programming and assembly language expert, who also happens to be a car guy got together with few of his friends and started working on their cars brain aka ECU. Initially most of the work was on VW 1.8T ECU and the rest as they say is history. Wolf Moto was one of the early developers of “switchable maps” for VAAG ME7.5 ECU back in 2010-2011. Later we also developed “switchable maps” for VAG 2 TFSI MED 9.1/9.5 ECU, Fiat 1.3 MJD Magnetti Marelli ECU, Fiat Abarth T-Jet ME7.9.10 ECU, Nissan Micra/ Renault Pulse Delphi DCM ECU.

This helped us bring in clients from as far as UK, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and other parts of EU. This also helped us to increase our overall market share within India, especially for Maruti Suzuki, FIATs, VW, BMW, Renault, Nissan etc.

Our long-term association with various motorsports clients enabled us to develop and test various motorsports strategies on multiple engines and ECU platforms. Our work has been much appreciated by motorsports clients and daily drivers alike. Our focus has always been to develop tuning solutions that surpass client requirements. What is even more important for us
is to ensure the long term reliability and safety of our tunes, with respect to, boost pressure, Turbo shaft speed, EGT etc.

Some of the ECUs Wolf has successfully developed codes for “switchable maps” include:

  • Bosch ME7.1
  • Bosch ME7.5
  • Bosch MED9
  • Magnetti Marelli 6mjf (1.3 MJD)
  • Nissan/Renault 1.5 DCi Delphi DDCR

All technical development/ strategies used and IP for switchable remaps are completely developed by the in-house technology development team. We would like to thank and give credit to Nefmoto community for their help and support during initial phase of development and testing. We would also like to thank our EU and US clients / Tuners for supporting us all

What is

ECU Remap?

Remap involves modifying or changing calibration, tables and values within the ECU to achieve specific desired changes. New generation automobiles have fewer engine parameters that could be adjusted by a technician/mechanic. These cars use an electronic brain called Engine Control Unit (ECU) to make real time changes to various parameters of engine operation.
These parameters include Air Fuel Ratio, Engine Idle speed, Turbo boost, Turbo wastegate control, Ignition timing, Injection timing, variable valve timing/ cam phasing etc.

How is ECU recoding different from remap?

Till now the ability to switch a vehicle from normal to sport mode has been in the realm of the premium cars. Switchable maps gives user the ability to put their cars in various modes/tunes depending on the fuel used (Octane/Cetane rating), max boost pressure, track surface etc.

Maps are that part of the ECU program/ software that manages various aspects of the engine vehicle. Normally when a car is tuned, various tables/ calibration files are revised to achieve better performance. This usually does not involve custom coding/ programming.

However,” recoding” is much more than changing values in existing lookup tables . To successfully re-code, a specialist would need to gain access to these codes so that they can be edited and modified in ways that are very different than usual remap.

Custom coding for motorsports and other engines with hardware upgrades is a very time consuming and complicated process. Recoding is a great option for vehicles with hardware modifications and it helps the user to fully unlock the potential of his engine. New functionalities like “map switch” for switchable map”, no-lift shift, Launch Control etc are some of the functionalities that we have developed primarily for motorsports applications. These functionalities are not often offered as readily available remap.

Switching between maps can be done with any of the existing OEM switch/ function that is directly connected and controlled by the OEM ECU. The switch can be activated with the engine in ignition on mode. This varies from vehicle to vehicle and depends on what input is passed to the ECU.


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