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Volkswagen meaning People’s car started out as making cars that were affordable for everyone. The Volkswagen Beetle went on to become world’s most popular car by overtaking Ford’s Model T. Currently Europe's largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen has diversified it’s portfolio to have an offering to everyone’s taste. From Crossover SUV’s to hybrid and electric cars, Volkswagen has come a long way from their humble beginnings. Volkswagen entered the Indian market with the Passat sedan followed by the Jetta. The initial reaction to Volkswagen’s offerings was timid, all that changed when Volkswagen launched their iconic hatchback Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen has been a leader in the mid-range hatchback segment with their varied offerings. Their hatchbacks are praised for their combination of practicality, power and usability. The hatchbacks of Volkswagen are a staple at ECU remapping services. The sedan models of Volkswagen have also received rave reviews for their ergonomics and quality of the work in general. WolfMoto covers all the car models of Volkswagen when it comes to ECU remapping and EC repair.

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Can you remap my car?

We offer remap solutions for most cars. For some of the newer ECU platforms there may be some delays, especially in cases where “virtual read” may not be available at the server. If you have a specific requirement, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Can I have my naturally aspirated car remapped?

Yes, they can be remapped. However, the gains are lesser as compared to a Turbocharged vehicle. That said with the right upgrades a remap can help extract every last ounce of performance even from a NA engine. These maps are equally useful for daily drivers and for various motorsports application. Our remap for NA vehicles also improves throttle response and daily drivability.

What makes a Turbo car so great?

A turbocharger is designed to force feed air into the engine at higher pressure to allow better combustion. The ECU can accurately monitor and control the amount of air that is fed into the engine at any given time. Manufacturers often limit the performance of Turbo. This means any turbo vehicle that is remapped at the hands of a specialist can unleash full potential of the engine. The increase in performance also depends on other hardware upgrades like high flow down pipe, de-cat exhaust system, intercooler upgrade, turbo upgrade, injector upgrade etc.

Remap gains could be in the range of 15 to 25% with no performance upgrades.

Remap gains could be in the range of 20 to 100 % with appropriate performance upgrades.

  • 1. Wolf Moto VW Polo GT TDI – Stock 105 HP / Stage 3- 210 HP
  • 2. Wolf Moto Fiat Abarth - Stock 145 HP/ Stage 3- 245 HP

So, Can you remap my car?

Wolf specializes in Switchable remaps. It takes a lot of research and time to develop switching for a particular ECU. However normal remap can be done for any vehicle. Below is the list of cars for which we have Switchable remaps and Normal remaps. We keep adding to the list so keep watching this page or follow us on social media (fb/wolfmotoperformance) to get update on the latest

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