Fastest S-Cross 1.6 in India – 210+ HP

S-cross 1.6 – Wolf Moto P.O.W.E.R stage 3 package

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross 1.6 is probably one of the best diesel car to come out of Maruti stable. Maruti’s are often praised as a very fuel-efficient car. We wanted to build, perhaps the ultimate sleeper Maruti diesel car!!

Now, this is not just any old Maruti diesel with a 1.3 MJD engine. This is the only car from Maruti to get a 1.6 litre diesel engine. This engine is quite the centrepiece of the build. We gave it an upgraded intercooler setup, custom stainless-steel downpipe and exhaust system and a Garrett GT1549 turbocharger! This car with its new Garrett GT1549 turbo is capable of a shade over 210 HP without sacrificing its daily drivability and comfort.

This project had two objectives:

1) Make it the most powerful Maruti diesel,

2) Don’t sacrifice any comfort.

It’s certainly possible to make pretty much any car faster but faster for the sake of being fast isn’t good enough. This car is also a great daily driver. We did not want a very loud and obnoxious car, this is just real quick yet your everyday companion “daily driver”. A 210 HP front wheel drive diesel car is plenty. Comfort was a high priority for us while designing this
turbo upgrade package.

The clutch was able to handle the increased power and we limited max torque to within safe clutch safe-limits. This is a hoot to drive in all gears. Raw power which is smoothly delivered with a massive poke of torque, pushes you back into your seat while you’re still getting great fuel economy. This turbo delivers max boost of 26 psi with minimal lag. Upgraded front mount intercooler keeps the air charge warm to the touch even under the most demanding

The Turbo

Garrett GT1549

Honeywell (Garrett India aftermarket division) once again was instrumental in the selection and sourcing of this Garrett turbocharger.

Supporting Mods

Adding a bigger turbo isn’t the only thing that was needed. To achieve our goals, we upgraded the following parts.

  • High flow intercooler
  • Custom Stainless Steel Down Pipe
  • Stainless steel high flow exhaust system

Wolf Motors